Health: The absence of the necessity of medical intervention (ie. surgery & pharmaceuticals)
The Hierarchy of Human Optimization™  is the 
Core Principle of The Lifestyle Healthcare™ System.  The worlds first and most complete way to be healthy & happy.

Imagine a simple 7 Step approach to optimize your life.
Imagine a  life of Fulfillment, Success and the enjoyment of the rewards that come from them!

What Is Lifestyle Healthcare™

What Makes A Unique Path To Optimal Health?

LifeStyle HealthCare™ is a system of truly holistic healthcare that educates, empowers and engages it's followers to live an optimal life.  It educates us on the 7-Principles of The Hierarchy of Human Optimization™ the most complete way of creating health, happiness and fulfillment.  Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science it provides us with a framework to improve our Mind, Body & Spirit.  It's implementation may not only address the root cause of disease but may also prevent and limit occurrences as well.

Seminars & Speaking

Have the Modern Day Monk come speak at your event for a seminar or keynote.

Immersive Events

Private one to one and small group events catered specifically to the individuals.

Webinars & Certs

Take part in previously recorded Seminars, Workshops and Certifications.

Digital Downloads

Downloadable content such as The Daily Avatar Creator to help you create the life you desire!

Books & Publications

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"The Ancient Art of Living Well" by The Modern Day Monk

Educational Videos

Get access to our archives of free content available to the public.

Group Coaching

Join "The Alchemists" and get direct instruction 3x a week, access to private content and an amazing peer group.


Join "The Inner Circle" and get exclusive content and the highest level of group instruction from the Modern Day Monk

Private Instruction

Work one to one with the sole focus being your greatest results at the deepest levels to bring your life to new heights.

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Join "The Modern Scholars" and become part of a group dedicated to expanding their knowledge and sharing their experience.


Check out my motivational and inspirational clothing line and represent your dedication to becoming the best you!

Nutrition & Vitamins

Good outcomes come from good inputs.  Supplying your body with the best supplies helps you get better results.

Tech & Biohacking

Get your hands on the same technology I use to get better results faster!

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The most up to date list of my education, seminars and certifications.

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